Sullia Hostel Project

Literacy, progress and, in general, success in life are all results of a good educational background. Despite its obvious benefits, a formal education is not universally accessible to every child. Education has been and still remains a luxury, a luxury often unattainable for the disadvantaged sections of our society.

In our ever busy and demanding world, it is sometimes necessary to stop and consider the plight of people less fortunate than us. In particular, of underpriviledged children deprived of an education in rural and semi-urban India.

SLF's goal is to provide the opportunity of primary education to the underpriviledged children and to prepare them for a productive life.

  Meet Our Beneficiaries
Address: Udupi, Karnataka
Annual Family Income: 10,000 Indian Rupees

Brief family background: Prathibha's father's sudden demise in the year 2001 put the family in financial distress. Since his passing away, Prathibha's mother, Mrs. Geetha, has been solely responsible for raising her five young children. Mrs. Geetha, who has been deprived of an education herself, is currently working as a daily labor.

Prathibha has four sisters; Shobha, her elder sister, has discontinued her education after 10th grade; Pratibha, is in 11th grade; Suprabha, is in 7th grade; Shakuntala, is in 4th grade and Supreetha is studying in 1st grade.

SLF recognized Prathibha's need for external financial help to continue her education, and adopted her under the AFE (Adopt a Family for Education) program in 2003.

December 2004
Residential Training Camp in Udupi
June 2004
Program Launched